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      Our lab prices are the best in the area.  We invite you to shop around.  If you find one lower than ours, we will match it.

If you have health insurance, your health plan will have negotiated on their and your behalf to get the lowest price possible. 

But if you do not have health insurance and are paying cash, you do not have someone negotiating for you.  Lab prices vary tremendously in this area from place to place.  You can save hundreds and even thousands of dollars if you take the time to find the least costly lab to perform your tests. 

Any lab can perform your test


Your provider can recommend a certain lab but that does not mean that you must go there.  You can go to the lab of your choice.


Many of the common tests are performed in our clinic in our certified lab. There are too many lab tests to list them all here.  Listed below are some of the most common tests ordered.  Feel free to call for a price on any test ordered for you that you do not see on the list.