Lea County and the surrounding area have a great future waiting ahead.  We will do our part to make it as good as it can possibly be for each and every one of you.


We believe that just as a meaningful life is the best kind of life, meaningful employment is the best kind of employment.  We make our days meaningful by remembering that everything we do matters to you.  Every hello.  Every smile.  Every diagnosis.  Every treatment.  Every comfort.  Every comment.  Every impression that is made upon you during your visit to our clinic.  We make our days meaningful by expending our energy and our passion on making your visit to our clinic as pleasant, successful, and worthwhile as it can be.

American Medical Group, Inc. strives to deliver the best patient and customer care and service that is possible.  We understand that obtaining personal and workplace  healthcare often creates an unwelcome disruption in your busy day.  We understand that your health is one of the most important if not the most important concern in your life.  We work to treat your concern with the respect, dignity, and empathy that it deserves.



 We understand that health care is currently in a period of great change.  We know that you are a consumer who will decide where to obtain help with your personal and workplace health needs based on your impressions of the amounts of choice, convenience, quality, and value for your dollar that you receive during your visit with us.  We will bring you as much of these things as we can by committing ourselves to doing so and by bringing to our clinic fresh, new technical innovations that will help us to make your experience with us as useful and enjoyable as it can be.

In 2004, Covenant closed the doors on the clinic at 2410 N. Fowler Street in Hobbs that had served the area for years.   In September 2004 we opened, occupying the north wing only with one provider and ten other employees.  Now, not quite a decade later, the entire building is full and busy with nine providers and seventy employees and we are still growing!  In 2009 we opened our Carlsbad, NM location and in 2011 our Midland, Texas location.  We are proud and grateful to be able to bring quality primary care, workplace care, pre-employment physicals and testing, and drug and alcohol screening to the good people of our part of the world. 



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